Difference between VMBGPOB and VMBGPODB


anyone knows what the difference is between
VMBGPOB 4 KNOPS AANRAAKPANEEL MET O-LED DISPLAY (ZWART) velleman.eu/products/view/?id=410136
(listed as 160€ in velbus.eu/downloads/files/ve … ist-nl.pdf)
(listed for 190€)

thank you

The VMBGPO(W/B) are being removed from the assortment in favor of the newer VMBGPOD(B/W) which has more possibilities.
The VMBGPO is only available in black (VMBGPOB, until end of supply), the white version (VMBGPOW) is no longer for sale.

The VMBGPOD has all the functionalities of its predecessor the VMBGPO, with the following extra’s:
]The VMBGPOD allows activating, deactivating and changing heating and cooling programs (day, night, comfort, frost protection) by means of its glass touch panel. The VMBGPOD can thus very easily be used as a standalone glas temperature controller./:m]
]The temperature control buttons of the VMBGPOD can be blocked and unblocked (by means of Velbuslink). By blocking them, temperature and program data can still be shown on the display but no longer changed by users./:m]
]Screensaver function: after 15 seconds the screen can remain active on a lower intensity. (The VMBGPO turns the screen completely off after 15 seconds). /:m]
]The VMBGPOD is ready for different kinds of meters (kWh, m³, l, …) whereas the VMBGPO can only show kWh values./:m]
]The VMBGPOD can show dynamic text scrolling on the display. This can be any text message or the input from a Sonos sound system. This functionality uses Home Center (VMBHIS)./:m][/ul]