Different functions with one pushbutton

I have on button and using a VMBIN

I want to switch on / off all the lights . Initally some lights may be on others not . Using ”toggle “ is not the option and using “on” works but then how to kill the lights?

One of the functions in VMBIN is the following “ configurable multi-channel operation on input, the next channel is selected at each press (up to 8 channels)”

But How?

Thank you

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There are so many ways to achieve objectives in Velbus, here’s how I would approach this, assuming I have understood your question.

Within the configuration of the VMBIN module, I would activate virtual Button 2

Set up DUAL mode for Button 1, using Button 2 as the Long press option.

Depending on what order you want things,

Add ON actions to one Button

And OFF actions to the other.

FYI, there are no limits to which action you can add, but none of the LONG PRESS options will work, because the VMBIN is using the Long Press concept to determine if you want Button 1 to be “pressed and released” or Button 2.

Also, you can’t use the long press to Dim actions for the same reason.

Probably not relevant for you question, I only mention it for clarity and if anyone finds this in the future.

Good luck and have fun experimenting with different combinations until you find the solution that suits your application best.

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Thank you for the extremely fast response.
I didn’t know the function to activate the virtual buttons.
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You’re welcome.

I’m glad you were only half a step away from a solution.

I’m happy to have been a helping hand.

Good luck