Dimmen & kleurtemperatuur regelen CCT-Ledstrips


Wij willen graag 6 ledstrips als volgt installeren en aansturen via Velbus:

  • 6 strips van 6m lang (60Watt per strip), worden verdeeld in 3 zones van 2 strips per zone
  • Dimbaar 100% - 1% per zone
  • Traploos instellen van de kleurtemperatuur (6000K - 2400K)

Kunnen jullie mij helpen hoe ik dat concreet aanpak op vlak van modules en bekabeling?

Ik raak er zelf maar niet aan uit, en vind er weinig info over terug.

Dikke merci alvast!

I’m happy to help in English, if that’s okay?


Yes sure can. I would be very relieved to find a solution for my conundrum. Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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To start with

If you want to adjust the colour temperature, should I assume you’re using Tunable led strip?

As in, it has two channels of control?


Thank you for considering my question. We ‘d like to install cct cob ledstrips that are both dimmable and tuneable from 2400K up to 5-6000K.

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So you’ll need 2 channels of appropriate DC dimming per section.

With a little clever programming you should get everything you need.

Hi Thank you for your answer.

So, this means I would need:

  • 3x VMB4DC
  • 6x VMB2LEDDC
  • along with along with say 4x 24V 200W. power supplies if I’m right?

You’re welcome.

You are correct.

The modules you refer to are old stock and might not be available any more.

Instead, just use 2 channels of this new module per controllable strip.


and suitable power supplies.