Dimmen na bepaald uur

beste, ik zou graag de lichten van een overloop vanaf een bepaald uur gedimd willen laten aangaan. bvb op 25% vanaf 21u tot 06u s morgens. hoe kan ik dit doen?
er staat een gelijkaardige vraag in dit forum doch bij openen steeds error 404

Je kan het hier nog terugvinden:

If you have 2 virtual relays - you could create an automation based on time…

1 relay is day - dimmer set to 100%
1 relay is night - dimmer set to 25%

on a wall panel - you use 1 virtual button with a program (7:00 - push button ON without release [day] : 20:00 - release button [night])

The virtual buttons control the RELAYS with an INHIBIT command vice-versa so that only 1 relay will accept commands in a specific timeframe

you also have a real button (on/off) that controls the actual dimmer (dim at long press, toggle at short press) - the 220V relay behind the dimmer has both virtual relays also use ON (possible with a delay on/off)

I havent tested this… but it should give the following:

at 7:00 vButton1 activates and

  • ensures vRelay2[night] ignores any command
  • ensures vRelay1[day] can accept commands

if you press the actual button for the light (short)

  • the dimmer switches on and (the relay) sends the ON command to both vRelay1 & vRelay2 (vRelay2 ignores)
  • vRelay1 kicks in and sends Atmospheric Value 100 to the dimmer
    if you press it again:
  • you shutdown the dimmer and the relay will drop (vRelay1 and vRelay2 do not receive anything)

at 20:00, vButton1 deactivates and the other side will start to work - setting the dimmer to 25%

BTW: I did this in Home Assistant and its 100000x easier…

Perhaps if the “Set Atmospheric Value” would also have a toggle option in there… it would be waaaay easier… the problem now is the OFF switch command that must be given separately…