Dimmer functionality


Is it possible with the dimmers that I send a command over the bus saying that the dimmer must be activated at 50%?

I want to create a commando set that creates a lightning scheme at home that puts on some lights at a certain dimmed level and shuts down other lights and closes all blindings.

Is this possible? I want to know this before I go effectively go buy modules to make a test setup.


For all Velbus items, the protocol info can be downloaded.

This allows you to check all the possible commands that a unit can send and receive.

There is a command that can set the dimmer’s value to a certain percentage. This is certainly possible.

Do i understand correctly that you want to create some sort of macro that contains a few commands that you can replay? (thus operating a number of modules at once)

Yes indeed…

I currently have a setup at home with Velleman dimmers and push buttons which works great.

The only thing that is not possible is the fact that I want to create a macro which shuts down all the lights (when U go to bed) or dims all the lights to a certain level when U want to watch TV for example.

The current Velleman dimmer kits can be operated by pushbuttons up and down, but there is no possibility with an additional button or input to shutdown all etc…

And I hope that now with the Velbus this should be possible to create, first via a PC, later on via TCP/IP if this comes available in the software, and then even later via IR if the IR module comes available. I have the Philips Pronto remote control which allows also many functions and macro’s to send…

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We will be releasing a new version soon (maybe tomorrow) with TCP/IP functionality and a server mode.

We are excited about this feature because it will enable users to write their own software (for handheld devices, etc) that communicates with the Velbus via TCP/IP. It will basically act as a TCP/IP to RS232 interface.