Dimmer OFF seconds to 0

Would it also be possible to control the drop-off curve when switching a dimmer to off (and perhaps also the “on” curve when restoring memory setting)… I think the default now is like 1 second or so… but in some channels I would like the OFF curve be a little slower

Dimmers have the options of 4 or 8 second curves.

Unless you use the Atmospheric Dim action, where you can define the curves and time out.


Off would equal 0% in 1 second.

yes… but the 4 / 8 seconds are the dim curves when you actually press a button perforning a DIM up / down function… when going for ON/OF/memory - another curve is being used (or at least thats what it looks like) as my lights still go on and off pretty quickly… regardless of the 4/8 seconds setting