Dimmer - prestage value

I currently have the “regular” dimmer setup where a 220V channel “follows” the dimmer so it switches on and off with the dimmer going 0->0.

For the wall switches - I programmed 203 (Dim at long press, memory or off at short press) - the regular setup as per the instructions

Now I want to add some complexity where during the day the dimmer pre-set value is 100%, while at night the preset dimmer value is like 20%. Essentially you dont have to hold the switch to dim up or down anymore… and a default (night/day) preset can be set

I was thinking of an OpenHab script with timers and/or PRIO is Dark channels, but perhaps there is a better way…

one way I thought is to have the relay and dimmer split. In that case, the “smart part” of the setup would only set the dimmer (214 atmospheric dim value)

  • PIRO/Light sets all dimmers atmospheric value 100% (day)
  • PIRO/Dark sets all dimmers atmospheric value 20% (night)
  • while the wall switch channel only flips on the 220V relay (toggle).
    The downside of this setup however would be that the LED controller would always receive either 10V or 2V continuously

Will having continuous dimmer values without 220V hurt the system? are there other ways to control the dimmer value with a PIRO is Light/Dark channels?

If you have two spare virtual relays, there’s an easy enough way to do this.

Otherwise, it will have to be a bit of software like openHAB or NodeRed, with a bit of conditioning applied to the button event.

what would be the 2 virtual relay solution?


So, we must assume that you don’t want any flashing LED feedback.

Just On or Off

Start by putting the button led into monitoring mode

Add an action where the button is the subject and the Dimmer is the initiator, use the Status Monitor action. (0135)

Add a (0104) Follow action between the button (as the initiator) and both of the Virtual Relay channels.

Virtual Relay 1 - add an action for “DayTime” events to the dimmer.

Virtual Relay 2 - add an action for “Evening Time” events to the dimmer.

The next step very much depends on how you intend to swap between Day Time and Evening Time.

If using a VMBMETEO or VMBPIRO you could add an action between an “Is Light” channel and each Virtual Relay.

One action being “Force Off while initiator Closed”

And the other

“Force Off while initiator Open”

Or you could use a virtual button on any input device with the same pair of Force OFF actions, but in the programming of the glass panel, add a time event that Presses the virtual button at Dusk and Releases it at Dawn.

Or do the same as above, but at fixed times.

Obviously you need one of the time / dusk events to happen to start the sequence going, but after that it’ll work just fine.

managed to get this working with HomeAssistant:

2 rules - one for day (light) and one for night (dark)