Dimmer timer?

Hi there,

I’ve tried to create a scenario with lamps fading like in cinema’s room.
I’ve set-up dimmer TIMER to 30s and program my VMB4PD to "Dim down (turn off)…

… but it wait 30sec and then turn off the light (and not turning off slowly while 30 seconds).

Is that’s normal ?

have you selected mode 6 ( normal load) or E ( inductive load) on mode rotary switch and A on time setting rotary swicth? If you use a software solution you have to use “Set dimvalue” command.
databyte1= command_set_dimvalue (H’07’)
databyte2=dimmer bit number always H’01’
databyte3= 0 to 255 ( 0 - 100%) ( H’00’ to H’ff’)
databyte4= high byte of dimspeed
databyte5=low byte of dimspeed

databyte 4 and 5 forms a 16 bit time in seconds.
H’0000’ = dimspeed selected by time setting rotary switch
H’FFFF’ = fastest dimspeed ( 1,5s) is chosen.

To be clear, I need to program dimmer with an other piece of software than VelbusLink 8 ???

  1. TIMER has been set to 30s with digit wheel on hardware module… :blush:
  2. VMB4PD has been programmed with VBL8 (VelbusLink8)

Thanks for your help

you use velbuslink 8 to program your modules. you select the dimmodule to program. on the ‘add action’ tab select the vmb4pd that you will use to trigger the dimmodule. then you select ‘dimmode set by rotary switch’. on dimmodule put ‘Time’ rotary switch to A = 30s.