Dimming status OLED

Hello, I’m wondering if you can see or show the actual status of a dimmer on the display of an OLED?
Friendly regard Warre


I assume you want to show the dimmer %, rather than the normal feedback of:- On, Off, Timer

I think there is a way this could be done, using the memo text feature.


This isn’t possible within the confines of pure Velbus programming.

If you were to use an OpenRemote controller on top of your Velbus network/s, it could read the value from a dimmer channel and phrase a text string to be sent as a memo text command.


You wanted to be extremely clever / adventurous with the Drools feature in OpenRemote, you could use a single page of an OLED panel to scroll through different dimmer channels, even adjusting those channel levels.

{Please note, only one “Memo Text” string can be sent to a single OLED Glass Panel, which could be displayed on ‘Memo Text’ enabled pages.
Different ‘Memo Text’ strings can not be sent to different pages of the same OLED panel}

Just to be clear, this is not a feature of the normal Velbus programming.