DIN Rail Case


because velbus can’t do any conditional testing ( and there is no option to do this in the near future ) i want to built it myself so combining velbus and another system that takes the conditionals for his.
one of the conditionals is if dark then you can switch on light .

so if i take a ldr to see if its dark and let steering this a contactor i can create this condition by just doesn’t supply the load when it’s to light, but i don’t know how to return a signal back to the velbus.

the question now is i can built some of this with velleman kits and built it in a din rail case from velleman type B8006
can i use this case in a normal electricity case together with velbus modules and fuses in a fix-o-rail case and be shure it is good for control by a control organization like vincotte . has this case and also velbus modules meeted the arei specification like fire protection of the cases ( brandvertraging ).

is it possible to do this with software ( conditional testing ) and let the software control the bus also , if somebody switches the light on the soft sees this and if it’s to light can send a bus signal to switch the light off.
the problem is that i don’t program in .net but plain delphi 2009 , is there a library for this compiler ?