Disable screensaver on POD2

Is it possible to also disable the screensaver completely? I want to keep the date/time without dimming

Hello @RCZ ,

Disabling screen saver is not possible in VelbusLink. This is to protect the OLED against burn-in of the panels: VMBELO or VMBGPOD.

What you can do, is increase the time of the screen saver, for example to max. 127 sec.

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Velbus Team

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The display is small, so unless you have eagle eyes, you need to come close anyway. So it may not hurt to turn the option to immediately execute the pushbutton function when dimmed to OFF. Then you can safely touch the POD to make the clock light up, without activating any unwanted functions.

Otherwise, hanging wall clocks running on a couple of AA batteries are ubiquitous.

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