Door swith

I’d like to turn on my light in the hallway when opening the front door (using a door switch). This action can only go on between sunset and sunrise. Besides, I want to turn this light on and off with an additional switch at all times.

Can someone explain to me how I can solve this problem?

Kind regards


You’ll be glad to hear that it’s actually quite easy.

You’ll need an input module channel for the door switch and a separate switch to control the light normally.

Once you’ve programed both switches to operate the light the way you want it, all you need to add is a timer action or two.

Every type of input module has various timers in it.
What you can do with the input module channel that you connect the door switch to is add a timer event triggered by the sunrise (+ how every much time as you want) to disable the door switch channel.

Then another timer event triggered by the sunset time (- how every much time as you want) to enable the door switch channel.

Then finally ensure that sunrise and sunset events are active for that input module.

This will mean that the door switch will only switch on the light during the night.

Just as a personal preference, I would use a ‘restartable timer’ as an action with the door switch, but there are plenty of other options.

No doubt other people will add their thoughts on the subject…

More the merrier.