We are looking for a doorbell to connect to the Velbus system.
The button can be a simple push button.
The idea is to be able to turn off the bell, change the volume depending on the time of day, do not wake everyone but only play the sound in one room.


Are you still looking for a solution to this question?

I’ve created something similar for a client already.

I am very interested in this!
So if you could help please…


Although I haven’t achieved any kind of dynamic volume control, I have created something fun for a client.

All I did was allocate a number of relay channels around the property to act as localised doorbells.

A channel of a VMB7IN has a number of actions associated with it.
An action for each relay channel.

Typically I used “Non-triggerable Timer” actions.

So it doesn’t matter how many times, or how long the door bell button is pressed, the sounders will only sound for a given period of time.

Obviously they can be retriggered.

I then set up a series of ‘Force off’ and ‘Cancel force Off’ actions with a couple of unused buttons in a glass panel and put some program steps in place to effectively reduce the amount of sounders that went off over night.

What made the whole thing fun was the very simple 12V switched sounders that I selected.

I found this on

At first glance it’s just a 12V sounder.

But with a little bit of patience, some simple wav file editing and the API loader that can be found here

You can have whatever you like as a doorbell, up to about 30 seconds.
Or message announcer, alert system etc etc.

If you want to cause chaos in a household, just explain to the teenagers of the household how to change the sounds.

My client tells me that they ‘Don’t change the sounds anywhere near as much as they used to’

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