Doorbird Substitute

Has anyone used some other door entry system, to substitute for the Doorbird, integrated with Velbus (meaning having access at least to doorbell, door lock functions)?

I used a Fanvil door phone on a job.

Just put the Door release relay into a VMB7IN input, but these days I would probably use the input of a VMB1RYS and the output to release the door magnet / trigger the door opening motor etc.

So that the door entry could be disabled within the Velbus system or likewise the door be opened from anywhere.

The Fanvil range is a good budget unit, with a SIP phone, NFC & pin code entry, all configured via a locally hosted web page.

I particularly like the user profiling, meaning you can time limit the NFC / Pin access. (Great for only allowing staff in at certain times)

I used a Fritzbox Fon router with built in 10 seat SIP phone server, which also supports doorphone units.

Apparently, it also supports image Capturing from the door phone and displaying on Fritz Fon DECT handsets, but I haven’t explored that.

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The Fanvil gear sounds good.

I used a Doorbird but although I started out looking at the Velbus version I eventually went for a standard Doorbird D1101 ordered from the manufacturer… very basic, single entry, no keypad etc… the big deal for me was that it is small enough to embed in my timber door frame (frame is 100mm thick, cut-out was only 58mm wide). I have an internal Doorbird door-chime and a couple of the Doorbird desk/wall terminals inside all wired but Android phone or Apple iPad app for when I am anywhere else. This is just a house and home office (& workshop), not a business or anything.

I ditched the remote lock although the cabling is still there if I ever decide to swap the strike-plate to enable remote unlock/entry. It is all wired via the loft so changes won’t require any mess at the door and like Stuart says it could be easily done with standard Velbus parts… you don’t have to use a Velbus entry system.

There is a Doorbird SDK/API but I haven’t done anything with that yet… it’s all still a bit new, barely got the front door installed yet.

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Thanks for being so prompt with your replies!
The reason I placed the question has todo with me receiving the info that VMBVP01F is no longer behaving as should, after some update, I assume as true. Therefore, I’m surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a real substitute solution. To me, it’s not a question of price (cheaper) but of functionality and reliability. Would there be anybody else with different experience?