Doorbird VMBVP01F

Hi, 2 units recently installed, only the audio doesn’t work, bidirectionally - it’s sound is garbled, as if scrambled (if the phone is in water??). All other functions are OK (video, door opening). Any suggestions? Thanks

Hello, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Have you checked the FAQ on the Doorbird Support site yet, and/or contacted them? The audio/video stream is handled by the Doorbird server, so they’re the ones that are best placed to help with this.

Hi and problem solved. The units come with a sound level preset to 50% and a warning that it “fits most cases” and somehow dissuades from changing it. Only after understanding support’s difficulties to help, I started to modify the speaker device level, brought it down to 20% and understood that the problem disappeared, raised to 25% and worked as should - sound level was perceptible. In the end, the problem was originated by the ambient noise (wind) hitting the units, the 50% level was too sensitive, creating an over-modulation. .


Great, thanks for posting the solution!