Double button function on VMBGPODB

Hi all,

I would like to assign a double function to a button of the VMBGPODB. When I shortpress on a button several outputs eg. must turn on. When I press long on the same button all previous outputs have to be turned off. Hope this is possible.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Jan

I’m very surprised that no one else has come forward for this.

To be clear, are you asking for :-

Short press = selection of outputs to switch ON only

Long Press = selection of outputs to switch OFF only.

If this is the case, a really simple solution would be to use a timer action, rather than the ON & OFF actions, but set a long timer (1 day?) for the short press and a very short timer (1 second) for the long press.

The only visible change will be that the feedback LED flashes when any of the outputs are active, instead of being on solidly.

If this isn’t acceptable , simple change the LED feedback mode and link the outputs back to the button.

I hope that helps.