Dual-flow ventilation and dimmer control

Hi guys !

I’ve got a dual-flow ventilation in my house, so it use two motors (extract and ventilation). It’s Autogyre DF90. However, electrical consumption is high with 2x43w to 2x100w (see autogyre.net/pdf/FP-VMCDF90% … 007-10.pdf)

As we’re not always present, I would to reduce this impact and a way to do this could be using a dimmer (VMBDMI = 400W max, it’s upper than 200w for max ventilation).
At least, I could let 10% of power to avoid start and stop, 50% when we’re present and 100% when taking a bath or using kitchen…

This way, I can connect each motor in high speed mode but use dimmer to regulate real speed, no ?
What is your opinion ?

Dimmers are for light bulbs, NOT for motors!
Sometimes it does work, however. But it is still not recommended because a motor does not really like it and a dimmer does not like a motor.

Thanks Laserguy ! your advice is a good one :bulb:

VMC and other motor are asynchronous one phase : I don’t understand all details but not all dimmers could do the job.
See this document (in french) : cannaweed.com/topic/51626-co … -ovni-ufo/

That let me only one other solution : use VMB4RY to cut or open the power. But is this solution right (current peak, …) :question:

Should not be a problem…