Duct split heating and cooling system

Is that possible to control the duct split system using velbuslink? as I read about that we should use a Global Caché iTach Flex IP and switch network and configure it in homecenter, but i’m not sure about that and I need some more information about it.
any help?

What kind of options do you have to control your ducting system? Is it only possible to control via IR ?

I have a client who uses a couple of 10v outputs from a VMB4DC to move the louvres in his air flow cooling system, which have actions linking the Thermostats in glass panels.

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just change the heating and cooling mode and can set the temperature using homecenter application.
the system has the remote control which work via IR and on/off key on each split.

That’s great news.

So just need to set up the actions / logic HomeCentre to link cooling (and fan speed using Thermostat alarms) to the correct IR command.