Electric radiators with VMB1TS + VMB4RY : howto?

Hi everybody,

it’s a long time I wasn’t asking something here :slight_smile:

In my house, 1st floor is managed with electric radiators : there is a way to control Confort/eco mode but… it’s a kind of inversion with Velbus VMB1TS way of run :

As you see, no signal is confort, 220v is eco : if a connect 230v on VMB4RY, when T° is enough, VMBTS1 “heat” signal is 0, radiator would be in confort mode (VMB4RY is open).
If T° goes down, VMBTS1 heat signal is 1, then VMB4RY is closed… eco mode is coming…

Any way to invert that easely ?


The VMB4RY does not allow for inverting the contacts from NO (normally open) to NC (normally closed).
Its successor, the VMB4RYNO, can be set to NC in Velbuslink. (Caution: this is a software setting, not a hardware setting, so measures need to be taken to put the installation in the desired state after a power failure, this is explained in the Velbus installation guide Part 2, chapter 5, “In case of power loss”).

If you don’t want to buy a VMB4RYNO, a workaround might be to set the VMB1TS to cooler mode? It’s a bit weird and not very elegant, but it might work…?

Thanks VEL345,

that’s the two solutions I was thinking… the second is very hard because you can’t manage confort / eco mode.
As I’ve a VMB4RYNO of spare, I’ve made an exchange with VMB4RY.

But now, my problem is to configure VMB1TC and VMB1TS with VelbusLink :

  1. I program 2 zones on VMB1TC (workdays and holidays) : only alternance with Confort (sun) and eco (moon)
  2. I affect sensors to the desired zone
  3. on VMB1TS, I configure desired temperatures for each mode (dialogbox with red and blue thermometer)
  4. I associate heater with VMBRYNO relais (with N.O.)
  5. I synchronize them with VelbusLink function

Is this process ok ?
What is the symbols legend when clicking on sun on VMB1TS module configuration (pilot VMB1TS thermometer symbol) : Moon (eco consign?), Yellow sun (confort consign?), Orange sun (day consign?), Ice ?
And what about locked in this dialogbox : does it means the button on physical module doesn’t affect the system ?

Thanks again

Seems OK at first sight, you can download user manuals from the VMB1TS product page in case of doubt.

The signs are:

  • moon = night mode
  • yellow = day
  • orange = comfort
  • ice = anti freeze

“Locked” in the operate dialog means that you cannot control it by pressing on the module’s push button.

Great, thanks