Electric usage

I am going to start to use domotics in my house. I am not a technical person and totall beginner, so it took me a long time to sort things out. Finally, I am on the verge of ordering my Velbus-modules. I see that the modules use energy in their standby-state. Mmmm… In my present house my electric usage is very little. I want to be evironmentally friendly.

What could I do about this ? Is there a way to use the domotics system without using electricity all the time ?
For instance I go out, push on the button “OUT”, then all sort of actions take place and then the modules and the bus go “asleep”, not using any electricity. I come home “wake up the domotics system”, push the button “IN”, the roller shutters go up etc etc and the domotics system goes asleep again.

Is there a way to do this ?

There are several options.
You could install a switch at your front door that turns off the Velbus PSU while you are absent.
Another option is to provide the 12-15VDC for the bus via a solar panel system with backup battery.
All will depend on what you would like to do with your system, the number of modules, the degree of comfort etc…

The explanatory documents show how the PSU is connected to the transformator and the modules. Could you give an example of a switch which I could connect to the PSU ? I presume I only have to connect the black and the red thread from the switch to the PSU or are there more threads necessary to establish the switch to switch the PSU on or off, such as data threads (grey/yellow) ?

Just interrupt the transformer primary (230VAC).
This will result in lowest possible power consumption.

So in the example given above: When I push the scene button “OUT” (the roller shutters go down, the lights go off and other things happen), is it possible to immediately switch of the transformator with the switch or does this delay my departure and should I wait with switching untill the roller shutters are completely down and other activities are completed ?

When I switch the transformator on, and push the scene button “IN” (the roller shutters go up or the lights go on - depending on the time- ), will the domotics system still know that the roller shutters were down and have to go up now. Thus: this switching on and off doesn’t disturb the domotics system ?

You will have to wait for the actions to complete, unless you program and wire a relay to turn itself off in say 5 minutes.
If you press e.g. ‘IN’ and the shutters are down, they will go up (if they system is programmed this way).
If they are up and you press up, nothing will happen.
The system does not keep track of relay statuses if the power is turned off.

Additional question : at Velleman building, could you give us the global consumption or you Velbus bus ? or course, just an average for a number of modules. That would be interesting !

Has never been measured. We have so many separate supplies and different modules with each different idle currents…