Energy Management

I see on the new website that velbus has the option for an Energy monitor now…

Would that require a full Velbus deployment of meters? or is this an integration with Home Assistant ? I already have the Home Assistant fully setup with my inverter + Smart meter - Is it possible to send that information to the Velbus displays? if so … how ?

So many questions…

Maybe the article isn’t clear enough?

The concept is that there is a kit available for people without a Velbus system, so they can get a very easy visual representation of their energy usage.

The kit is fully prepared and ready to use, with Velbuslink having a wizard to adjust thresholds and edge colours etc.

For those of us that had the foresight to invest in Velbus, we only need the extra modules to achieve the same result.

Assuming you have edge lit panels in your system, you need only a bidirectional energy meter (FIN7M.38.8.400.0112) and two spare pulse inputs on a VMB7IN.

With the latest version of Velbuslink, you can get your current usage displayed and affect the edge light colours to give an “at a glance” status report.

Green = Good
Orange = balanced
Red = Bad

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But as most solar installations have their own smart meters - it would be weird to put in ANOTHER meter just to get some values on a display …

If we know how to send the information to the display - (similar to the above) - that would save everybody time and energy… (pun intended)

are these “shown” values just input parameters - or does the EdgeLit actually do the calculations based on the input ticks?

No, it’s the VMB7IN that does the magic.

It’s just thresholds

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Hello, I’ve implemented this setup, but I cannot see the trick to change the colors on the screen? I see that the VM7IN has a threshold for the alarm, but how can I select the colors based on the alarm? I know you can forcely set a color on the display, but how can I find the trigger for it?

Did you use the wizard in Velbuslink?

Which function do I need to use? The problem is that there is no trigger in the counter of VMB7IN? There are no actions for it…

The Wizard will take care of all this for you.

There is…

Explore the configuration of the VMB7IN and look for the Alarm and it’s threshold.

There is indeed a threshold with an alarm inside the configuration, which I’ve setup, but I cannot find these warning in the Velbus system to trigger for example a red light?

Got it: force color while cause is closed. It will trigger the action automatically when the alarm has been reached.

That’s along the right lines.

Take a look at the Tools menu and find the Wizard, it’ll do all this for you