Erroneous State and terminators

I have a simple configuration, the VMB8PB 8 push button module connected to the VMB1USB and no other modules. I started with one or two momentary contact switches but in order for me to get it to work, I had to remove the two “Terminators” o both modules. When I added a third PB I am using for a water level control, the sensor (reed switch) is Normally Open. When the water level drops it closes and should activate the PB, however when I started the application, the reed switch was Closed (low water) and I get the Erroneous State error.

  1. is it normal for this to occur if the switch (PB) is closed at start up, vs starting in the Open state?
  2. when I tried adding the terminator to either module, it would not work (uisng Velbus link 6 to watch the state
  3. on the web site I see that the VMB1USB states the product has be removed from the range of products. What is the replacment?



Make sure the address of the VMB8PB is NOT 0-0
About the terminators, it’s a little trial and error, I had to play with the terminators on different modules to get them to work, but my Velbus network is much more complex then yours.