Ethernet module ? movement detector ? dimmer?

I don’t know why there is only USB Module to communicate with Velbus… is there a project to have Ethernet one ? :question:

By the way, how other users manage motion detection and alarm or other “presence” information ? :unamused:

Last question about dimmer : what about fluorescent lamp (energy saving or low consumption lamp) ? is it possible with VMB1DM ?

Thanks a lot.

No ethernet modules at this time.
Dimmer does not dim fluorescent or energy saving bulbs.

I would to know if a lamp (example : 100W) dimmed to 50% is 50W power absorbtion equivalent ?
And additionnal question : is a fluorescent dimmer module planned in the next 6 months ?

Thanks a lot for your previous response.

Dimming is less efficient.
A 100W bulb dimmed to 50% gives less than 50W of light (don’t ask how much…)
We do not have plans for a fluorescent/energy saving bulb dimmer.

What is an ethernet adapter that works using electrical outlets? I have dsl internet. Could I use ethernet extention using electrical outlet. Does this rely on wireless network or is this the same as wired internet connection with no dropouts?

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Such devices are not part of the Velbus system.