Experiences wanted with 230V Led lights for VMBDMI?

I’m using a VMBDMI with 4 incandescent E27 bulbs of 60W, like these:

I want to replace them with 4 LED bulbs. Something like this:

These bulbs are not cheap and I can’t return them to the shop once I buy them, so does anybody has experience with similar bulbs that do dim well with a VMBDMI?
I know that a lot of these lights do not dim very well with this dimmer, so I hope to hear experiences from actual users…
Also, what’s the experience with low light: does it still dim without flickering and giving a warm glow?


Hello Gert :wink:

Have you done a search on this forum for mains replacement LED?

I remember someone else asking the same question.


My own experience hasn’t been great, I’ve found only 1 dimmerable LED similar to the one you’ve pictured, which happened to be from that will known Swedish furniture vendor :wink:

While it did Dim acceptably with the VMBDMI, it does snap to about 25% from nothing, and if you’re after a faint glimmer, then you’d be better off with incandescent lamps :wink:

Unless you swap to pure low voltage dimming and low voltage fixtures.

I’ve retagged a load of example videos on YouTube with “Velbus DMI Dimmer Vs. test lamps”:


If you do find something that works well, please let us all know :slight_smile:

Anyone else know of any lamps that work well?



As a follow on from this thread, I’ve created some truly dull videos which show the VMBDMI-R or VMBDMI connected to various Mains Replacement GU10 LED lamps that I can buy in the UK.

Velbus DMI Dimmers Vs. test lamps: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCHw8A4D87YCagWde5wD9CmFVrO_IcLGJ

Thankfully they are only about 2 minutes each, but you will get a good idea of which lamps I’ve found that work (or don’t work) with the DMI / DMI-R modules.