Fan coil speeds and modes

we use 2 VMB1RYNO relays to control a 3-speed ventilation as mentioned in, our input modules are VMBGPOD, now our question is how do we change the system mode to heating and cooling?
as we read about it we should use the program steps on temperature tab but we do not know how to define the programs for VMBGPOD?

To change to cooling mode, you have to use a push button (on the same module, or on another module) that has the action “set to cooling mode” configured, with the temperature sensor as subject.
Then you make a program step for the push button.
(For setting to heating mode, it’s the same, except for the action “set to heating mode” of course.)

Each module is set individually to heating or cooling mode (so it’s per module, not system-wide).

For more information on program steps, cfr. the Velbus Installation Guide (Part 2), free download on the homepage or in the downloads section.


You can also take this a step further and define temperature thresholds where the panel will switch between heating and cooling automatically.

Just as has been suggested, you can create actions from the thermostat Alarm1 & Alarm2 outputs on the panel (not to be confused with the timer alarms)

Set an action to Alarm1 to change the thermostat to heating mode

Set an action to Alarm2 to change the thermostat to cooling mode.

The next step is to configure the glass panel.

Click on the thermostat tab, then the advanced tab.

In there you’ll see the set points and values for the alarm outputs.

Alarm1 could be set to activate <25°
Alarm2 could be set to activate >25°

One tip might be to select “only one alarm may be active at once”

Please let us know if either of our answers aren’t clear.

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thanks for your help and one more question: is that necessary to make program steps to change the heating and cooling mode or if I create those actions will it be sufficient and making program steps is an additional option?

thanks for your help I think if I do as you said, for example in summer it will change the mode as soon as the temperature becomes less than 25. Am I right?

Yes, that’s exactly how it would work. :wink:

From experience, creating a bit of a gap between the two thresholds means the panel will linger in a mode before switching, which means it will not oscillate between modes.

For example, I have a weather station configured to do something similar.

If there is a sudden cold snap, it will cause the heating to reactivate and follow the programmed times, but when the outside temperature stays above a threshold again, it causes the heating programs to deactivate.

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Without program steps it is sufficient to switch manually (pressing a button). With program steps it will also switch automatically (time/calendar based).

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yeah thank you very much