Faulty vmb4ry?

there could be a bad soldering at the output screw of channel 3 or a problem with the relais inside. can you exchange it directly at the store where you purchased it? if not maybe someone can check it out for you. maybe the person who installed it?


sounds like. i didn’t have any problems with my modules. Best way to go, is to order a new one. at arrival send the defect module to seller for replacement or repair. after repair or replacement you can use the second module in you project or keep it aside.

Maybe velbus support have a clue what is going on with your module.

@ velbus,

is there a possiblity to open the module to check for bad soldering or wil the warranty be void? please some advice.


You can open your module and check for a bad contact in the header. Please be gentle to it.


did you read what Vel405 wrote. if you want you can open the module by your electrician to check for bad contacts. If you find nothing then you can send it in for repair at velleman. incluse this thread when sending it back.

hope this helped you