Feedback leds OLED module (VMBGPO) not working

After an upgrade of Velbuslink, the setting for the feedback LED’s is set at minimum and cannot be changed any more (was set at maximum before the upgrade). The LED feedback setting is now minimum and the normal brightness of the LED’s are medium.
This means that practically the brightness of the LED’s is not changing when the toggle switches are on or off.

Yes, this is indeed a bug in VelbusLink 10.2.0. We’re aware of it, but due to holidays we have less developer resources so the bugfix may take a little longer than usual to be released.
We’ve reverted the stable version on the website to 10.1.10 for the moment, which should also allow you to return LED feedback intensity to its correct value.
Sorry for the inconvencience…

Could you also elaborate on the difference between the “LED feedback” slider on the “Illumination” tab and the slider on the “Feedback mode” tab (in VelbusLink 10.2.1)? The first has 2 settings and the second one has 3.

Currently this is a duplicate setting which will be removed from the Illumination tab in version 10.2.2 on Monday the 6th of January.

Kind regards