Finder module 7M.38.8.400.0112 - IR port - Modbus

Is there any IR head for connecting to the finder 7M.38.8.400.0112 IR port? I can’t find anything, even on Finder web page.

Thank you for this “Finder” type tip, just ordered the modbus .0212 variant in promotion for around €160 (promo at Conrad).

‘IR - infrared (optical) communication’ item 6

I presume that it will be a classic IEC 62056, in a few days I can confirm this for sure.

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I’ll wait for the confirmation. Once confirmed I’ll need 10 meters of usb cable :smiley:
It’s a magnetic mounting?

Edit: I just got a serial IR port of ebay with a detailed instruction how to connect it to raspberry pi.

A link would be nice to share.

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I was not sure how forum mods are looking at that kind of info :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s a home production, but it suits me fine - I have limited space next to the meter, so i can easily modify the mounting (kiss goodbye the warranty end glue it, if all works fine). There is also USB version and a diagram for ESP32 NodeMCU connection.

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First findings - there is no magnetic mount on the Finder meter, so the magnetic ring won’t be needed. I need to find out a good way of attaching the IR port.