Firmware bug in VMB6IN build 0736


When Velbuslink 7.1 is asking then VMB6IN module input names using the command: EF3F (databyte1: H’EF’: COMMAND_INPUT_NAME_REQUEST, databyte2: B’00111111’), the module is transmitting the thirth part of the name not correct. It should transmit 6 databytes (databyte1: H’F2’: COMMAND_INPUT_NAME_PART3, databyte2: input bit number, databyte3,4,5: last 3 characters of the input name, databyte6: H’FF’). But it transmits a faulty packet with 8 databytes: databyte6,7,8 are the contents of the memory table following the name of the input channel).

When asking the module input names one-by-one (EF01 / EF02 / EF04 / EF08 / EF10 / EF20 in stead of EF3F) (as Velbuslink version 6 does), there are no errors.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll take a look! The new version of VelbusLink that’s about to be released no longer uses the name request packets but instead works directly with module memory. So this should not cause any problems in VelbusLink in the future.