FLoor heating/cooling sensor

Anyone experience with using a temperature sensor in the floor the monitor the heating/cooling and prevent condensation ?

The sensor connected to the VMB7IN would monitor the floor temperature and adjust the target temperature of the room to the floor temperature.
The floor temperature should never be 5 DegC lower than the room temperature.

Thankx for all info


I don’t know if this helps you, but I’ve got a site meeting tomorrow to discuss something similar.

The underfloor heating installer will only allow me to use Velbus to control the whole heating system if I can monitor the floor slab temperature.

They insist that the heating (zone) must switch off if the floor temperature rises above 27°.

I’ve proposed to convert the resistsnce of an in-floor temperature sensor and convert it to pulses.

Then set an alarm threshold on a pulse reading input of a VMB7IN to temporarily lock out the relay for the zone.

The prototype circuit seems to work, I just need to calibrate it a bit more to get the resolution / accuracy they are demanding.

I’ve used a 35° thermo switch to monitor a water pipe, but it has +/- 5° accuracy and a reset temperature -10° below its trigger temperature.

How quickly do you need a solution?

As I believe there is a new module in development that would solve both of these issues and many more.

If you need more logic, then an OpenRemote rule should do the trick.
Which means you would have a vast choice of floor sensors and temperature resolution.