Forced on/off commands

i want to be able to send forced on/ forced off commands to a certain relay module (4yrld).

But i don’t find this in the protocol definition, is this possible? And if not could this be added to the firmware?
Would be extremely helpful, as i have some pir detectors in my house for putting lights on/off, but of course you don’t want this when its light outside, so i would love to be ablo to force the relais of on sunrise, and cancel the force of at sunset …

The new pushbutton modules feature such fonctions.
If your PIR detector contact is connected to this module, then you can use this fonctionality.


the pir sensors are connected to the vmb6in module
And i know this should be possible with the vmb3pbn (whole house is using them), but this will only be possible with velbus link 8.5, and at the moment i can not control it …

I have mailed you a link to a beta release of Velbuslink which should allow to control these units.

Got a link, but it doesn’t work ‘not found error’

Second try :slight_smile: