Fusebox design

Does somebody has an example about cabling a fusebox. For the moment i’m drafting a groundplan and want to translate this to my fusebox. But i’m stuggling with the fuses for lighting circuits, more in detail for relay and\or DIM modules. This for a 3F+N grid where i want to divide as much as possible.

Hoping some examples can put me on track…

Many thanks in advance for the feedback!

Hello Bart

I’m sorry, I’ve only just seen this post.

If you need any assistance with a future project, please drop me I line when you post here.
I’ll help where I can.

Best wishes,


No worries, meanwhile this installation is successfully finished (not completely, always tweaking with the modules\settings… :wink:

That’s the joy of an automation system.

How are you getting on controlling the system remotely?

I really have to activate Notify me when a reply is posted :-/

Anyway, for remote access i’ve hooked up the Home center. This solution is very convenient and covers almost all my needs.