Garage door


could someone explain to me how to program & connect my garage door with a VMBRYLD module?
I would like to control my garage door with a Niko Hydro push button (with a VMB2PB module )




The programming between a push button module and a relay module is easy enough.

However, before anyone can make suggestions, we need a little more information.

What exactly is moving the garage door and how are you interfacing the relay module? Will the relay just be mimicking button presses?

What are the safety mechanisms in place to prevent the door closing if there is something in its path? (Does the motor drive have a built in movement resistance sensor or is the door equipped with a pressure bar?)

The answers to these questions would enable people to advise if it’s acceptable to use a relay module, with lock out programming, or if you’d be better using a motor / blind controller (which has built in protection).

The garage door motor just requests a simple pulse.
When it receives a pulse from a push button, it opens, when you push again, it stops,
then it closes again when you push the button again.

No sensors in place but the pressure sensor. but that’s no factor i suppose.
I have a VMBRYLD module with 1 open line available.
Could i get it to work with this module?

When all this works, in the aftermath i want to install a sensor via the VMB7in module to get a notice on my phone or ipad whenever
the garage door is open or closed.

thx already!


That sounds perfectly feasible.

Obviously the VMB4RYLD is a voltage out relay, rather than the VMB4RYNO which has volt free contact pairs.

So, yes, as long as you put a decoupling relay between your garage door opener and the VMB4RYLD output, the functionality you’re looking for would simply be a momentary action from anything you want on the Velbus network.

In HomeCenter you would have to press the relay channel twice (On, then Off) to mimick a momentary action, and in OpenRemote you could program a button with a 1 second timed command. For example “4:1” (channel 4, @ 1 second)

If you are thinking of using a VMB7IN at some point, you could connect a 2 or 4 channel RF keyfob kit and use the other buttons to operate lights etc.

Does this help you?