Getting the names of the channels from a vmb4RY


how can i get the names of relayschannels in one(1) pass. I’m writting a program in C#. In velbuslink you have the name of the relaymodule and when you expand on the module you can see the names of the various channels. How is it done in velbuslink?

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In VelbusLink, switch from the Actions screen tab to Logging screen (right side of the window) then do a “synchronize”, check only the module you want to read then ckick on “Read”. In the logging window, begin in the line “OUT address of the VMB4RY” you have a memory dump command sent and the bytes sent. After that, you have to decode the memory blocks received from the module and there, you will find the Channels names in Hex among others data bytes of this module.