Handle Velbus bus packets in C#


I would like to make some software which makes use of the temperature measured by several VELBUS O-LED panels. I have one computer where the bus is connected to (with usb). That is also the computer Velbuslink is installed on.

Is there a library to receive all packets so I can handle them? Or a library which puts all packets on the bus in a file which i can read in with my own software? I only want to read, no need to put messages on the bus.

I am working with Windows and mostly develop in .NET.

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Have you seen @Golfy work of art ?


An other Velbus-server (Purebasic)

If you are willing to make your hands dirty with perl and mysql, you can try to get my scripts running under Windows:

All the relevant information (including the temperature) is stored in mysql.


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