Harmony 650 and VMBGPODW

Is it possible to use a Logitech Harmony 650 to control a VMBGPODW? And how can I manage this in the MyHarmony software?
Because the software only knows the VMB8IR and VMB4PD.


I’ve done this 2 years ago with a VMBGPOW and it must work with this new version of VMBGPODW

When you connect to your Logitech Harmony account (mine is in french)

  • Ajouter un dispositif
  • Sélectionner “Domotique” -> Console d’éclairage
  • Sélectionner fabricant : Velbus
  • Modèle : VMBGPOW (you have to enter it and not to choose it in a list)
  • Suivant

There, you will have a new device represented by a light bulb then follow the programming of your Harmony VMBGPOW device as for other devices…

VMBGPO and VMBGPOD should indeed be compatible in this case

i have bought a harmony 650 today

after a few hours of testing with the harmony and velbus i found out that only the vmb8ir setting in “my harmony” does somthing on vmbgpodw

I also needed to use the “VMB8IR”, but it works.

Default the channels 1-2-3-4 (First page of VMBPODW) are not activated, but you can manually activate them in MyHarmony.
After that, it works perfect

Hi mate,

I have the Harmony Ultimate Home. Tried adding both preset but non work.
The preset VMBPOG stuff doesnt work at all.
and the OLD IR8 stuff added but indeed first page missing. You said that you added the first 4…how the hell did you do that. I am trying for more then an hour now and I cant since each time I want to add a command it asks for the original remote.


For the record, for those still looking for answers:

  1. make sure the IR receiver is activated in the VelbusLink settings:
  2. On this page you can check which Logitech devices are compatible with the VMBGPOD (at the time of writing all of them): https://support.myharmony.com/nl-nl/compatibility