Harmony with VMB8IR - long press


Why can’t I have a long press on the remote Hormony 650?
Analyzing the logging, I see that the harmony sends a short press and then directly a press release.
If I do a double press, I see a short press message, then a long press message and directly a press release.
The long press is then to short to for exemple dim a light with long press.
Is it possible to have a longer the long press on the harmony?

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Buttons that are linked to the LCD only transmit the infrared code briefly. Sometimes a button with a longer response time (1, 2 or 3 seconds) is needed or one wants to control a dimmer with it. To achieve this, the code can be linked to a standard button or an activity for lighting control should be added. For this last method all buttons must be redefined as described in “Adding devices”. Now all buttons will transmit IR codes as long as the button is operated.

Thanks, indeed it works with the activity part, Erik