Has anyone got a mix of VMBDME and VMBDMI/VMBDMI-R?

I have a 3 year old setup with 13x VMBDME controlling 13x 60W tungsten filament lamps.

I have recently had three of these fail, all in the last couple of weeks. I can no longer buy VMBDME to replace them as they are not stocked anywhere. So I would have to replace them with VMBDMI or VMBDME.
The lamps all normally fade together uniformly. If I replace the failed VMBDME modules with VMBDMI will they still fade at exactly the same rate as the other VMBDMEs? Will they look the same?

And what is the difference between VMBDMI and VMBDMI-R?


The dimming curve is the same in the VMBDMI as in the VMBDME so the dim rate should be the same.

The VMBDMI-R is a redesign of the VMBDMI with a few hardware changes, mainly designed to make it compatible with more types of LED lamps. There’s no difference between the two in terms of user experience.