Has someone tested Velbus modules with Velux motor?

I’m building my house and I’m trying to control Velux blind… but only 2 cables : + and - (24V DC KUX-100 module)
I don’t want to use the Velux protocol (IOControl or something like this… :confused: )

It seems there is an other way to control it : inverse +/- and do a little impulsion before let voltage on the motor cable… but delay between impulsion and down/up blind is really short (less than 0.5s)

Has someone any experience about Velux blind and could explain how to use them with Velbus modules ?

On page 11 of the VMB2BL manual can you find a diagram how to control a 24V DC motor:
Download the VMB2BL manual (PDF)

(The Velux module may not be used if your are using our Velbus modules)

Velux problems are back :unamused:
What to do with this GGU Integra Velux ?
velux.fr/particuliers/Produi … fault.aspx (fr)
velux.co.uk/Private/Products … fault.aspx (english but less explicit)

Motor seems to have reference KMG 100.

I hate these products wich aren’t compatible with any domotic system :angry: