Heater channel of VMBGP2 capricious

I’ve a problem with the “temperature configuration” of my glass panels

for the moment, only one VMBGPOw control the boiler…and that works, but…

i would change the principe as follow…
i’ve three areas in my home (bedrooms, bathroom and ground floor). Each area have a electro-valve to distribute the flow of hot water to the radiators
i’ve a VMBGPOW in one bedroom, a VMBGP2W in the bathroom and an other VMBGPOW in my livingroom
Each panel controls an area and so his electro-valve by the “heater channel” of the panel
each panel has a program based on time and temperature settings
the boiler is activated when one or more “heater channel of the 3 panels” is On (like a OR function) => function momentary

my problem is that the VMBBP2w of the bathroom doesn’t works correctly by program

what i have remarked during my tests…

if i change the control settings (comfort, day, night, safe) Up/Down of the VMBGP2 from a VMBGPO or a VMBGPTC “with remote ctrl”
the heater channel works correctly and the boiler is activated by the momentary function… ok

but eg. on the morning, when the program change the mode to comfort mode…the channel doesn’t works!
the target temperature is 23°c and the Process value is eg. 20° the channel remains off !!??

At this time, on the home center application of stijnen solution, the symbol of heating is activated on the screen! but not the output (why?)
for restore the situation i decrease the setpoint until the symbol disappears then i increase until the symbol appears again
and at this moment the channel heater is activated!
i think the problem is only present on the VMBGP2 and not on the VMBGPO, VMBGPTC
the only think different what i have remarked is the mode ‘program1’ not present on the panels when i watch the setting of the bathroom
but i have programmed the active program (program1) with Velbuslink… so…!?

-What a VMBGPTC can make more than a VMBGPO ?? is the problem?


I have a similar problem. When in a room with a VMBGP2B the temperature gets too low and channel 11 is pressed, it happens often that the relay, coupled by the action “momentarily” is not operated.
In the other way, when the desired temperature is reached and the channel 11, heating, on the glass panel VMBGP2B is no longer pressed the linked relay remains switched on?
When I check my VMBGPTC, I can switch the relay. (in my opinion this is not an automated system when I should check it myself? )

Is there somebody who has an idea how this could happen?

I would like to solve this, even though the fuel is getting cheaper now, we’re still thinking to nature.
And if it is suddenly 24 degrees in the room of my one year old daughter, I become scared .

The Heater output of the VMBGPx should be coupled to a relay with the Momentary action. Evidently, this should work without any kinds of problems.

This is a firmware bug that has been resolved in a newer firmware version

Please contact us via info@velbus.eu to see how we can get this fixed for you