Heating am i doing something wrong?

Hey all,

I just got a relay module VMBR1YNOS connected it to my heating system.
Manual closing the relay switches on the heating.
However i made the day / comfort presets, all working fine the heating / pump is “pressed” status when needed.
I made the VMBR1YNOS momentary(follow) to the CH34 of my glass panel.
Status of heater is pressed, but the relay does not go to a pressed state.
What am i missing / doing wrong ?

Some hidden option or ?

It should work like you did.
When you activate the relais in velbuslink, does the “vloerverwarming” works ?
do you hear clicking the relais ?

Yep manual manipulation clicks the module and the heating kicks in…

Obvious question, so my apologies if it’s too simple.

Have you synchronised VelbusLink to your modules after adding the action?

Another note: If the heating channel was already on at the time you created and synchronised the action, the relay will not automatically follow. So you should first make sure the heating channel is off, then turn it back on so the relay knows the heating channel turned on.

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Legend ! @VEL448

Indeed seems like the relay cannot pickup the current state and adapt as needed when the signal is high already.
Thanks !
Just unlucky from me i guess.

@MDAR good question but indeed, that was double checked :wink:

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