Heating control


i’m moving my heater control to velbus.

and i’m looking at how/what modules i need.

A vmb1ts module is just for measering the modules and control the outputs according to the configured temperature, with the push button you can toggle between, day, night, safe and boost and it will depending on the temperature control the correct output.

With a tc (temp controller) you can extend this to include programs.

So basic central heating will work with just a temp sensor, no need for a tc. But in this mode you will always need to push the button to enable a certain preset (comfort, night, …)

is this correct? and is the same true for the glaspanel versions?

Hi Cereal,
I can only speak for the vmb1ts and that’s correct what you’ve stated. I also have the vmb1tc but I never use it because I control the temp sensors with a cron script in linux :-);
Why do I do it this way: simplicity, the vmb1tc isn’t the most user friendly.
Maybe it is an idea to implement it into domogik?

Glass panel version includes both, the ts ans tc functions and is easy to use but is NOT compatible with the vmb1ts so each room you want to control the temperature must have a vmbgpox (glasspanel).


jeroends, we are implementing this in domogik, tempcontrol is already in there and scenarios (what will be able to do what your cron script does) will be implemented by the next release.