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hello everyone, let’s see if anyone can help me, I have a thermostat in a VMB8PBU programmed in follow, at a VMB4RYNO output, but I would like the thermostat to open and / or close the output only programmed by the clock, it’s possible?

I think you mean you have a mechanical or third party thermostat connected to an input of a VMB8PBU?

If so, it’s an easy process to “lock” & “unlock” that channel with the internal timers.

Just check that when the Lock action triggers, it cancels the Pressed state, if the thermostat is calling for heat.

And likewise, the state changes correctly when the channel is Unlocked.

Good luck

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more information on working with thermostats and HVAC systems… see Heating and Cooling Guide (

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Tanks Mdar ,
programmed VMB8PBU input with clock in lockout and unlock connected to VMB4RYNO output, everything is normal, but if the thermostat is open in lockout, the VMB4RYNO output remains active and this seems strange to me, I also ask velbus for assistance if you can help me

many thanks

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which actions did you link up to the 8PBU towards the RYNO?

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push button 1 to RYNO in momentary follow mode

in timer block and unblok push button 1
but if the thermostat is open in lockout, the VMB4RYNO output remains active

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can you send a screenshot of your config ?

it could be that you are doing a forced … or inhibit somewhere that “silences” the change

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Uploading: velbus.png…

i think i got it now…

When you use a lock… you essentially ensure that the channel will not respond to any inputs… (and is ignorant to anything that is happening at that time)

“While a channel is locked, it does not send pressed or released commands.”

so if it is locked it will not do anything… if you want to have a “timed” open/close - you can create a (virtual) button for open and one for close… and then use those in the programmed timers… for example what I have with my curtains:

I created CH18 for open and CH13 for closing the curtain… and used one of my wall panels actions to push the commands on a timer

(the blinds module)

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if you want to avoid the channel to respond between certain times… you do it a bit differently…

you have an input (external) that drives a relay for example…

in that case what you want to do is with the virtual buttons apply an “inhibit” to the relay channel… an inhibit ensured the relay wont listen to new commands, but if the inhibit stops. it follows it again…

“During inhibition mode, the subject will be off (or for blinds: locked to its last position) and will not perform any actions. Inhibited channels keep listening to the bus, but do not react as long as they are inhibited. Eg. running timers will continue to run, and can be started, restarted, stopped etc., but the subject channel will remain off (or locked to its position for blinds) until inhibition mode is cancelled. When cancelling inhibition, the subject will execute the last command that was sent during inhibition mode, or in the absence of such a command, it will return to the state it was in before inhibition.”

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thanks i try now many thanks

See how you get on with RCZ’s suggestion.

With Velbus there are so many ways to achieve the same thing.

I have another suggestion, but let’s park that until you have tried the path that RCZ has put you on

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thank you for your patience if I attach an email to you it is possible a simple example of a project with various possibilities for using the timers for switching on the lights by time or watering the garden with various areas or I ask too much, thank you very much

I don’t see the possibility of creating virtual buttons, in the latest version of velbus link or maybe I’m wrong, I also followed your Mdar tutorials on you tube … thanks

not sure if this is what you wanted… but it explains it a little bit… (rename to vlp)
test.log (10.1 KB)

it could be that the inhibit needs to be the other way around…

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Many thanks RCZ i have my project in log rename in vlp if u want see

I think it can work, now let’s see with a cycle

I still have some doubts in testing my thermostat calls temperature but the bathroom area channel does not activate

TEST_PAOLO.log (69.1 KB)

What a great question, with SO many answers.

Once you’ve mastered how the timers work within Velbus modules, you’ll be finding lots of uses for them.

Do you want to set up events with fixed times?

Do you want to set up events with a dynamic time, that can be set from an OLED panel / openHAB / HomeAssistant / OpenRemote etc

Do you want to set up events with an off-set from a dynamic time?

(“Dynamic Times” as in Wake Up / Bedtime for Alarm 1 & a separate pair of Wake Up / Bedtime for Alarm 2, then do you want each panel to be unique or to be in Sync across selected panels?)

Then, "What do you want these events to do?"

  • Simulate a Press & Release ?

  • Just Press?

  • Just Release?

  • Press for a duration and release?

  • Lock

  • Unlock

  • Set a Thermostat Mode ?

Yes, I’m happy to give to an example, but how many do you want? :smile:

Have you enabled the buttons within each module?

Open up the configuration for the module and change the button from “Disabled” to “Immediately”

It will then show up in the main left hand window.

Thanks :blush:

We’re in the process of moving the offices / training rooms around, when we’re up and running again, I’m going to be creating some bite-sized videos to cover all kinds of questions.

Feel free to request a topic for us to cover, it’ll help us put the correct content up.