Help for timer programmable Velbuslink 9.5.3 version

Help for programming timer with clock, this is possible with the modules and what VELBUS?

I tried but I could not find anything in Velbuslink version 9.5.3

Sorry again if snono off topic and thanks Aid


Could you be more specific and explain exactly, in detail, what you would like to do?

Simply turn on the lights of the garden with a clock from the outputs using the form VMB4RYNO - 4-CHANNEL RELAY MODULE

set start time and end switch

many many thanks


And what is your current situation (Velbus installation)?

Right now, I’m designing the system with the software that I will go to install the client.

I tried both in the forms of input and output with the Possibility to enter a time program for activating lights in time.

But scrolling through all the planning I did not see this possibility, maybe I’m wrong if I can help you.

thank you very much

i have VMB8PBU for input + VMB4RYNO for output
if you need other modules take them if…

I think you will find all you need in the following document: “Properties and settings of VMB8PBU, VMB6PBN and VMB2PB(A)N” from the Velbus FAQ.


I was in the house of the modules VMB8PB old and this possibility had not thanks a lot of great collaboration.

all right !!!