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I have installed magnets in all doors/windows that can open. So every time something opens i can get a signal.

What module do I use to get signals and let the system take action.

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Use vmb7in where you can connect up to 7 contacts. Each contact can then become a trigger for any action you want.

You can use the logic for a full function alarm as described in the alarm application of our redundant power supply description at connect your contacts in principe to the direct alarm input and connect them in serie for the same room to reduce the number of inputs.

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Interesting question,

Isn’t there any other possiblity than one contact for each window? If you have 20 windows+doors, you will need 3+ vmb7in modules.

vmb7in could read multiple signals, long or short press? Isn’t there a possibility with a print before to combine multiple contacts on one input?

“detects long or short press to activate second channel
multi-channel possibility, each short press activates next channel”

Several (potential free) contacts can be put together, in parallel, on the same VMB7IN input. When at least one of them closes, the channel will be pressed. (Like a logical OR function.)

in principle you only need 1 input port on the vmb7in if you use only the delayed entry, but if you also want to have the direct entry alarm, then a second input port is needed.
On each port you can use both parrallel (for NO type of contacts) or serial connection (for NC type of contacts) without any limit. There is no need for an extra interface inbetween, just vmb7in as described in the logic.

An alarm detection should be NC (normally closed) and you’ve to create zone (then, you can serialize magnets contact by zone : if any of sensor is open, the NC condition is broken).