His ddns

Hi, I’m trying to set up the DDNS for an install with HIS - can the provider NO-IP be used with a .DDNS.NET hostname? Thanks

Apparently yes…


Thanks for your prompt reply, SRLive. Have a good weekend

Still not working! This install site has an already configured CCTV external access (fully working), when I use the DDNS created for the Velbus (configured in the router), the granted access is for the CCTV. HIS STATUS info regarding DDNS says “not active”. Any help please? Thanks

If the site already has a Dynamic IP / Host setup, all you’ll need to do is open an extra port.


If you route port 80 of the HIS to port 9000 on the router, the external address

For example


(Try not to simply open ports on a 1:1 basis, as it’s just too easy for hackers to find)

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Thanks for the support MDAR, solved. Regards

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