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We are interesting to communicate with Velbus home automation modules. We already do it for relays, dimmers and blinds.
There are some questions that I would like to do.

  1. There are another modules that we can control through a computer? If yes, where I can find these protocols? (security, audio, air conditioning?)

  2. What the protocol stream of IP Colour Camera? velleman.be/be/en/product/view/?id=372714. Is it mjpeg? If not, there are any driver or filter for get camera streaming?


A security camera system usually consists of a number of security cameras, a digital video recorder to record to the cameras, as well as the wiring and connectors to connect this all mutually. Security cameras come in a range of styles, Bullet cameras, with a cylinder shape as well as a built-in lens, are weatherproof and are great and best for outdoor applications, Dome cameras, with a dome shape as well as a built-in lens, are characteristically used indoors although some come with an ‘armor housing’ that allows them to be used outdoors.
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Lindsey nicole
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Hello neper,
You can find all velbus modules and their protocols on the velbus website velbus.eu. These are the only modules using the velbus protocol. Other modules and protocols are to be discussed on other forums, not here as this is the velbus forum.

The same goes for your second question actually. If you want to combine protocols, you can have a look at integrator software like eg. Openremote.