Home Center from Nokia lumia 800 WP7

i have a problem to use the home center VMBHIS web interface from a Nokia Lumia 800 on WindowsPhone 7.10 (up to date)
The message returned by the web page is “your browser does not support html5 you need another browser” !
i have tried a few browsers and always the same problem ! IE, Safari, Opera, UC,…(sometimes with the message, sometimes no…but the problem is the same)
The connection work (user, pwd) and the web page is opened ,but if a see well the differents buttons, they do not work.
i did the last update of the VMBHIS
Normaly the system support now Android, Windows mobiel, Mac…

if someone has a solution or a suggestion…


I have the same problem with a Samsung Android GSM in phone mode while a Windows PC in phone mode works.
Pushing a button on the phone reacts but doesn’t switch on the relay and the display of all relays with a status “on” are off

I’ve installed Firefox on my mobile and now it works!

I have no idea regarding your problem… i have never seen such situation but i want some one to help you so that i could learn it…

Latest release of Home Center is (see homecenter.be).

Home Center comes with one year of free updates.

If your one-year update licence has expired, you can buy an update licence which will give you all past updates + again one year of free updates. You should contact Stijnen Solutions directly for this. If you do, keep the MAC address of your VMBHIS Home Center and other relevant info at hand, they will need it to help you.

If you have recently (< 1 year) bought your Home Center (VMBHIS), it seems unusual to me you should have such an outdated version, in that case also contact Stijnen Solutions.

Apart from all this, it’s not necessary to have the latest update as long as you are pleased with the functionalities present in your version. Updates are optional.
In general, we recommend to use Chrome as browser.

Hi There,

Firefox does the trick for me… no issues at all.