How (or where) to buy Demo Module (VMBDEMO1)?

All information are in the subject… as I’m french and would to train for myself (if my house could be fully controlled by a domotic system, maybe I’ll become freelance in domotic).
I live in France (near Grenoble)


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It can be ordered from any Velleman distributor.
List of distributors can be found here:

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There are plenty of dead links or the distributors are not really stocking anything related to velbus : Is there any shop on the net serving Europe? I’m looking for the starter kit.

Where are you based?

I’ll try to get something organised for you


Thanks! I’ll send a PM with the details.

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For future reference:
Producten | (Belgium, but looks like they offer international shipping)
Velbus home automation - Home center shop (a bit higher prices, I can’t confirm international shipping, but most likely they do it )

For anyone interested.

Velbus are happy to ship anywhere in the world, either for collection Ex-Works or via courier

Drop me a line if it want more information.

Any Velbus reseller can arrange this, it just depends if they want to.

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