How powersupply for multiple groups


For now, I have divided my Velbus-configuration into 7 groups of Velbus-modules.
Max 0,99 Ampère per group
I probably will create more/better groups and so taking less A per group.
The garage and garden need to be added to so …

I want to achieve a easy, cheap as possible and small Power Supply for my Velbus-modules

  1. Is it possible to POWER the Velbus without the use of VMB3PS?
    I really like Velbus, only not the way of Power Supply
    A VMBxPS would be a sort of solution (x meaning more outputs i.e. 10 or 20)

  2. Now, why does the manual say you musn’t use one transfo (I mean a transfo with 1x12V output) to “power-up” multiple VMB3PS?
    Is this specific for the VMB3PS or is there another reason?

  3. Can I use either a elektronical or a normal transfo? (will be using CAT5e cable for both POWER and DATA)
    because electronical transfo (as I heard) have a very high pulse-frequency disturbing the DATA (and maybe bad POWER-pulses for the modules)

  4. I found this one. Could I use it?
    Input is 220V AC
    It has 12V DC output with 18 connections for 1,1A (Polyfuse 1,35A)
    (I think 2x12V with each 9 connections)
    I would like to connect each group directly to a connection

    This would be great to make later upgrades (like the garage)
    or to power my lighting too (we use only led’s in our house)

  5. could I connect multiple velbus modules “directly” to following transformers?
    I think they are electronical 12VDC output transfo’s

  6. Another thing came up in my mind: is it possible to place a battery or PSU as supply? (or as backup only with a relais)
    Meaning a battery-charger to the 220V-net, hooked up to a large 12V battery (autobus), then all modules hooked up to battery with fuses (PSU is same thing?)
    Offcourse the connections would be mounted on rails etc.
    I thought the battery would be great to have a super stable 12VDC, and have backup power for when main-fuse goes out.
    xx Battery gives power so lights won’t go out and you can use Velbus
    xx a special relais-circuit notices when battery ain’t beeing charged --> buzzer goes off
    (buzzer goes off when main power fuse is down or charger is broken)

thank you

That’s a lot of reading…
OK, hereby an answer in brief:

You can use any power source to power your Velbus system
Make sure it is properly fused. VMB3PS uses self resetting polyfuses.
Another advantage of VMB3PS is that it delivers 18V if combined with the right transformer, so even if there is some drop in the wiring, you still get more than 12V at the input of the modules.
If you start with 12V, this is not the case. Relays might not operate in a reliable way if you supply less than 12VDC
If you insist on using swich mode supplies, use 15VDC types instead.
For long term reliability, we prefer wire wound transformers over switch mode types.


that’s all I needed to know

I’m using an used PC atx power supply, so far no problems at all. Wiring done in cat5 but the power taken by 4 wires.